Cost of delivering leaflets Battersea SW11

The prices are for delivering leaflets up to A4 in size and your leaflet will be distributed with 2 other non-competing flyers.

How much do you charge?

  • per 1000 leaflets dropped we charge £30
  • leaflets are dropped with 2 other non-competing business leaflets
  • if you want a solo drop we charge £50 per 1000

How long does it take?

We usually drop 10,000 leaflets in one go and that takes around 2 weeks. Generally we drop circulars on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday as we get the most response these days. We drop the flyers after 10am and before 3:30pm which is when the school run starts.

How often do you deliver?

We recommend a leaflet distribution campaign monthly. We have found that repetition is the key. Seeing your flyer every month builds trust with the potential client and the campaigns get more successful over time.

Do you have any happy customers?

Yes, apart from ourselves - and we're very happy with the service - we have several very happy clients.

Jonathan from Northcote Property Services says 'I was very surprised by the amount of business I have had from these leaflets. I was quite sceptical because I live in the area myself and I tend to put them in the bin, although I do call someone from a leaflet myself every now and again. I had the leaflet designed by BLD and I have 10,000 delivered every month. I get a very good response and I know they get delivered because one comes through my door regularly. I'm very pleased with the service and I wouldn't use anyone else because I trust them.'

James from Cavendish Devere says 'This area is key for us and it's where we do most of our business. Our leaflet is well designed and delivers the right message to our target market. We have a very high response rate and other than word of mouth, this is now our most effective form of marketing. Battersea Leaflet Distribution do a great job for us. They're reliable and I know they only post where they would post, so I don't waste my leaflets on run-down properties where they will never buy our flooring.

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