Leaflet delivery company Battersea SW11

We're easy to get hold of so give us a call on 0203 540 7274.

Or email us on info@battersealeafletdistribution.org.uk

A great Flyers

Why should we use you to drop our leaflets?

We know there are a lot of companies looking to drop your leaflets. But how many of them 'eat their own lunch'? Because, we drop your leaflets at the same time as wqe drop our own. We care about where our leaflets go, so we don't drop them where there's no chance of them being seen. And there aren't any other companies that do this, as far as we're aware.

What sort of response rate do you get?

Our response rate depends on a number of factors, but generally if we market the right product at the right time, we get a sale of around 1 in 500 leaflets distributed. That is a very, very high response rate.

Why is your response rate so high?

We have well designed and eye-catching leaflets and business cards (We can design some for you too). But mostly we think it's because we are selective about the properties we drop to even in this affluent area. We don't drop to dishevelled homes, homes with net curtains without a 'for sale' or homes where there is high chance no-one is living there e.g. homes being refurbished or where there is building work.